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Build a World-Class Influencer Marketing campaign that will drive higher impact from influencers, bloggers & advertisers. We provide you the tools, right data, insights, and intelligence required to be noticed online and build your brand easily.

OneStopAdvert gives you control over what your customers/target audience see. Our unique algorithm identifies the perfect influencers for your campaign, and give access to micro influencers, advocates and tier 1 influencers in every niche; this will automate the process based on your budget; thereby providing you a bespoke campaign building tools with analytics.
With OneStopAdvert, you can subscribe to a plan, receive proposals from interested influencers and easily track the metrics that matter all in one place

Tell Your Product/Service Story

Do you want a lot of people to talk about your products, services, brand or politician? You are in the right place. Influencers are these generations storytellers, uniquely doing it in the most effective and efficient way. Their followers/audience trust them and look up to them for advice, products, services and brands trending.

How It Works - Getting Started is Simple

01 Subscribe

Select to a plan that suit your needs and budget

02 Create Campaign

Create a campaign stating how and where you want to promote your brand, what types of branded content, such as product reviews, tutorials, tweets, posts, photos, etc.

03 Receive Proposals

Influencers, Bloggers and Creators will apply to work with you by sending proposals describing the types of endorsements they would like to create for your brand and on which platforms.

04 Select Creators

Every proposal includes content examples, audience demographics and geography, ensuring you have the info needed to hire the right creators for your brand.

05 Receive Content

Once you approve the content, the creator will publish and share it with their loyal followers, driving views, engagement and ROI.

Featured Branded Content

Content Produced Through Our Marketplace Has Generated thousands of Views and hundreds of Minutes of Watch Time. Our influencers are ready to send you proposals and branded contents “Click here to subscribe now

Your success is our success! Join the world's best brands and advertisers using a powerful social media influencer marketplace to engage influencers & creators.
You can filter influencers in our directory search by the following criteria:

Our directory lets you search for the 26 most common niches: arts crafts, beauty, books, cars, family, fashion, fitness, food cooking, gaming, health wellbeing, jewellery accessories, lifestyle, male, grooming, modeling, photography, reviews, software, sports, technology, computer, electronics, phones gadgets, travel tourism business, investment, others

Search influencer database Automatically find the right influencers for any campaign with our machine learning powered recommendation engine
Send invite with a single click to hundreds of influencers (instead of writing cold emails). All influencers in your niche sector gets instant email notification about your project
Influencer relationship management. Auto grow relationship into stages, to make it clear which influencers need what action
Seamless communications. Get content faster by communicating with thousands of influencers at once via mass messaging, chat and sms
Workflow automation. Save time by automating tasks such as content reviews, sending contracts, payments, automated smart reminders, term sheets, report and more
Automated result tracking. Track results from beginning to the end. This includes conversations on your message centre dashboard and payment transactions log
Campaign dashboard. Provide valuable data in a simplified manner on your dashboard, to make evaluating performance easy. The brand can check the number of clicks on each influencer url and see where it is clicked on their dashboards to know which one to increase and which one to avoid in future.
Data driven insights Make better decisions by seeing which influencers and content are driving strongest ROI. Be able to download a campaign, influencer, all campaign report in excel, csv, pdf format.
Share content with your team Become a content professional by sharing many of your influencer generated contents with your entire team.
Easily manage content. Easily access, re-use and update your influencer generated content in one central repository.
Export content anywhere. Share content with your marketing team via shared drive syncing, email, among others.

Communication is everything

We finally give you a reason to stop using dropbox links, emails, and various excel sheet! Instead you now have one organized system to contact and build relationships with the brands you are working with. Finally tracking engagement per-campaign and per-brand is straightforward.

Account Packages / Pricing Options


Essential for SMEs and individual business that wants to ramp up influencer marketing. Reach up to 50,000 quality, niche audiences in your target market. Build your brand across Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, blog among other platforms through quality influencers trusted and respected by their followers.

1 Campaign
3 Post publishing on up to 3 social media influencer accounts
1,000-50,000 Audience reached per post

₦20,000.00 / 30days

Reach quality niche audiences with powerful tools. Build your brand and get up to 10 posts to up to 300,000 target audience in a month. It is simple to setup an efficient that gets to your target when you post it through their trusted micro influencers in a tone they like on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, blog among others.

1 Campaign
2 Posts publishing on up to 2 Social media influencer account
50,001-150,000 Audience reached per post

₦50,000.00 / 30days

Robust plan to effectively manage your corporate image with influencer marketing. Easily build corporate advertisements and get up to 16 unique posts reaching about 2,000,000 audience per month across Blogs, Micro Blogs, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter etc of your targeted audience.

1 Campaign
4 Posts Publishing on up to 4 social media influencer account
150,001-500,000 Audience reached per post

₦100,000.00 / 30days

Build your campaign with 4 top influencers. They will create custom contents about your brand, product or services on their highly respected social media channel (such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, blog) that reaches about N4,000,000 quality engaged followers in your target niche with reusable contents.

1 Campaign
4 Posts on up to 4 Social Media Influencer account
500,001-1,000,000 Audience reached per post

₦250,000.00 / 30days

Enterprise plan for brands, ads agencies and companies to setup a robust campaign that connect with professional brand ambassadors, influencers and creators. They will create rich, unique rich text, graphics, audio & video contents and share with their engaged audience you are targeting on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, blog among others to achieve your set objectives.

3 Campaigns
12 Post publishing on the influencers social media accounts
1,000,001-100,000,000 Audience reached per post

₦1,000,000.00 / 30days

Need to get your content out to hundreds of thousands of audiences instantly? Subscribe to engage a single tier one professional Tier 1 influencers for your campaign to post your content once on their page and instantly reach at least 100,000 verified, quality and engaged large Audience on their social media channel (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, blog among others) which can be tracked on your dashboard.

1 Campaign
1 Post publishing on 1 social media influencer account
500,001-1,000,000 Audience reached

₦50,000.00 / 30days

Brands, Advertising agencies & Corporate Organizations that needs more than branded contents but require a full-service team; can engage our experts to handle everything from setting strategies, content, media curating custom talent lists, managing execution, deliverables & amplification of branded contents across multiple channels at a time to drive desired results.
You will choose your influencer, campaign and posts to meet your custom need and budget.
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